JEWELliner® – the fully automatic all-rounder

The JEWELliner® is a fully automatic and compact fiber laser system from BN Laser.
Its dimensions are L = 78cm – H = 68cm – W = 46cm, JEWELliner® fits on every table.
The JEWELliner®, with its power variants of 20W, 30W, 50W and 70W, is air-cooled and requires no maintenance intervals.
Its high beam quality produces easily small and deep engravings.
It has a large and wide-opening electric door, which opens automatically to the end of the label.
The standard labeling field, with an area of ​​110×110 mm, is fully visible from three sides.
The electrical Z-axis has a travel distance of 285mm. As a result, larger lenses, with a labeling field of up to 180×180 mm, can be used.
By entering various ring sizes, the focus is fully automatically approached with its electrical Z axis.
As an optional accessory, the JEWELliner® can be equipped with a professional rotary axis.